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Sigma Tech provides system integration services, website hosting and design, software programming services, computer hardware and software solutions. Sigma Tech is the premiere sales and service provider for PC, SPARC, Workstations, Servers and peripherals in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

Company Profile

Sigma Tech provides custom expertise for a wide variety of customers. We have the experience to help you solve your problems, from buying a new PC, to developing and integrating DoD systems.  Sigma Tech has been helping customers like you for over 14 years in various domains of expertise, such as:

bulletProgramming Services
bulletSystem Integration
bulletWebsite Design and Hosting
bulletResale of Computer Hardware and Software
bulletRepair of Computer Hardware

Quick Links

Download version 1.3 USPL Trial package, more information on USPL can be found here.

Download version 1.0 NSL Trial package, more information on NSL can be found here.

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(540) 439-8000
(540) 439-0948
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10285 Oakridge Lane, Midland VA, 22728
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